Buy a pattern

When buying a pattern, you need to know a few things.

The pattern comes in all the languages shown with icons next to the product.

The pattern is downloaded via the link you receive in your order email. It is therefore important that you write your e-mail address correctly, otherwise you will not receive a pattern.

You get a pattern to download regardless of whether you have ordered a kit or just the pattern. If you have ordered a kit, a printed pattern is also included.

There is unlimited "life" on the pattern, so you can download as many times as you want. But please share only with yourself...

However, it is an advantage to create a customer account, because then the pattern is saved for your user and you can always get hold of it.

If you can't find your pattern after downloading it, try looking in downloads under your folders. Just a suggestion ...

I will send out an email when there is an update to the pattern you purchased.

Digitalt køb

Der er ikke fortrydelsesret på digitale varer, så der ydes heller ingen returret på downloadede opskrifter.
Opskrifter købt hos Geilsk er udelukkende til privat brug og er underlagt Ophavsretsloven.
Opskrifter må ikke videregives, gengives eller på anden måde sælges.