Become a designer friend at Geilsk

Maybe you should?

If you have some ideas for designs, but need help to get them finished both in your head and in writing, I might be able to help. I think it's exciting to be able to help shape the design processes, so that the finished result is as excellent as possible.

If you want, I can offer you a platform where you can sell your knitting patterns without having to decide on anything other than designing, and you retain the rights to your pattern.

 I can offer you:
Sparring about your pattern
Sponsorship of yarn for your project
Large sales channel
Pattern setup
Photography of your model
Cozy meetings (when we need it)

You must provide:
I would like to have other projects or work presented
A pattern within a reasonable time which is test knitted
A finished model which is correct and can be photographed

The other conditions, such as we can talk about how you get paid for your pattern when you contact me.