Gift card


      Here you can buy a gift card if you don't know exactly what to buy. You just know that the person is happy to knit.
      Then she/he can decide for herself what is absolutely essential and what is just nice to have.

      Choose the amount you want to give for and put it in the basket.
      When you have paid, you will receive an order confirmation and a gift certificate that you can pass on.

      12 products
      Gavekort 100 kr
      Gift Card DKK 100
      100,00 kr
      Gavekort 200 kr
      Gift Card DKK 200
      200,00 kr
      Gavekort 300 kr
      Gift Card DKK 300
      300,00 kr
      Gavekort 400 kr
      Gift card DKK 400
      400,00 kr
      Gavekort 500 kr
      Gift Card DKK 500
      500,00 kr
      Gavekort 600 kr
      Gift Card DKK 600
      600,00 kr
      Gavekort 700 kr
      Gift Card DKK 700
      700,00 kr
      Gavekort 800 kr
      Gift Card DKK 800
      800,00 kr
      Gavekort 900 kr
      Gift card DKK 900
      900,00 kr
      Gavekort 1000 kr
      Gift card DKK 1000
      1.000,00 kr
      Gavekort 1100 kr
      Gift Card DKK 1100
      1.100,00 kr
      Gavekort 1200 kr
      Gift Card DKK 1200
      1.200,00 kr