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      Here is my selection of knitting patterns for women's vests.
      You will find a pattern for a knitted vest that is warm and can be used in the winter, but also vests in a thinner wool that can easily be used in the summer. All the patterns on the models are prepared by Geilsk, who has designed many exciting and popular designs.
      You can e.g. knit a Jiffy or a Go West, two of the most popular vests that you just have to own. Go exploring among the many other knitting patterns for women's waistcoats on this page, and find the pattern and the yarn online that suits you, your style and size.
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      Trendy and popular knitted vest patterns
      Join the popular knitted vest trend by knitting your own vest from one of our vest knitting patterns and kits. Knitted vests have become very popular because they are very comfortable and can be styled in many different ways. On this page you will find a wide range of patterns for a knitted vest for ladies in several different styles. What they all have in common are the vests' unique designs, comfort and fine knitting techniques. You can also easily put your own personal touch on our knitting patterns by choosing your own colors from our selection of yarn.

      Vest knitting patterns - a manageable project for everyone
      Many of our vest knitting patterns are manageable projects for both beginners and experienced knitters. As a beginner, we recommend, for example, the stylish vests Topkandidat and Bindestreg, which can be easily styled with a dress or a pair of jeans. The Topkandidat vest is especially a good beginner's project because it is primarily knitted in stockinette stitch and a little rib, which are easy techniques to master as a beginner. In addition, a vest is a manageable project because you don't have to knit long sleeves. If you are already an experienced knitter or want to challenge yourself, then the elegant and feminine Go West vest is a popular choice. The vest's fine design makes it suitable for both everyday life and parties. Our vests are also a good opportunity to practice your knitting techniques, because many of them are knitted with several different techniques. Our vest knitting patterns can be bought both as a pattern or as a kit. When purchasing one of our vest kits, you naturally choose a size and color. Our knitted vest kits are available in over 20 different colours, including a nice khaki green, jeans blue, cerise pink or acid yellow.

      Pattern for a knitted vest for ladies for any occasion
      At Geilsk, we love knitting vests, because vests can be used for a wide range of different occasions. Our vests can even be used both in winter and in summer. If you would like a warm vest for cool summer evenings, we recommend using Geilsk Tynd Uld. For the cold winter days, you can instead use Geilsk Tyk uld or Geilsk Tweed. A knitted vest can also be easily styled for various occasions. For festive events, for example, you can style the vest with a nice dress, and for everyday life, most vests will look super smart with a pair of jeans. Each of our patterns for knitted vests also has different expressions. Some are feminine and elegant and others are smart and relaxed. Therefore, you can easily find a recipe that suits your style.