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      Knitted dresses are a hit. They are lovely to wear, and you can choose the color that suits you. Here you will find the assortment of knitting patterns for knitted dresses for women. The models come in many beautiful shapes and colors. The Comfort piece is extremely popular, as it is available in many sizes and can be varied endlessly.

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      Bloktilskud strikkekit
      Bloktilskud strikkekit
      from 495,00 kr
      Dameting strikkekit
      Dameting strikkekit
      Dame Thing
      from 475,00 kr
      Miss Beezy
      from 455,00 kr
      No. Eight
      from 405,00 kr
      from 475,00 kr
      Big Uppercut
      from 355,00 kr
      from 255,00 kr
      Comfort Piece
      from 405,00 kr

      Choose between a dress knitting pattern or a kit

      At Geilsk you can choose either to buy a dress knitting pattern or a complete kit that contains both yarn and pattern. If you already have yarn, it is therefore easy to buy the pattern, which you will get sent to your email immediately. If you do not have the required yarn, order the kit, which we will send to you within a few working days. In the webshop you can also find knitting needles, project bags and other accessories for your knitting projects. Knit a winter or summer dress Most of our dress knitting patterns are made from different types of Geilsk wool. Therefore, they are particularly suitable as winter dresses. Dresses made of Geilsk Bomuld og uld or of Geilsk Tynd uld can easily be a year-round dress. These are also great to wear to work if you work in a chilly office. If you would like to knit a cooler summer dress, you can use organic cotton, which is much cooler than wool. Our dress knitting kits often contain either Geilsk Tynd uld or Geilsk Bomuld og uld yarn, which consists of 55% wool and 45% cotton. Both of these types of yarn are warm, comfortable and soft to wear. They can both be washed and even become softer after washing. Both materials can easily be used for all dress knitting patterns.

      Impress your loved ones with a knitted dress

      Regardless of whether you want to knit a dress for yourself or someone else, it will always be a fantastic feeling to knit a dress. When you wear the dress, you will certainly get compliments from colleagues, friends and family, who will be deeply impressed - even if they don't knit themselves. With one of our dress knitting patterns, you get a dress that is beautiful and smart. The dresses are also very different, so you can find a dress that suits every occasion.